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Would you like to make a big impact on our organization and mission? The following items, new or used,   will make a big difference!  Gift Cards to Home Depot, Lowe's or Tractor Supply are always welcome. Did you know that Gifts-in-Kind are tax deductable? Please contact us for information about in kind donations at 941-322-8494 or contact us  by email.


  • commercial grade freezer
  • push mower
  • wood chipper
  • electric golf cart
  • computer server
  • small backhoe
  • leaf blower

    Animal Care

  • platform top stat spin centrifuge
  • heart monitor and/or blood pressure monitor
  • microscope with 100X lens
  • radio collars
  • radio collar receiver
  • dome construction
  • kong toys / jolly balls
  • heavy plastic toys like 'Little Tykes'

    Researchers' & Interns' House

  • towel sets
  • dinner service, Booths'Chinese Tree pattern
  • glassware and dishware
  • outdoor/patio furniture
  • 4-drawer lateral file cabinet for library files
  • small book cart for library

    LCF In Tampolo

  • 2 night vision binoculars
  • 2 waterproof stop watches
  • video camera for night filming
  • field notebook computer


  • GoPro Video Waterproof Digital Camera
  • field camera with motion sensor
  • HoBo weather trackers
  • imac or ipad with imovies for video content editing
  • PC table
  • solar panels for forest lemur domes

    Staff Education

  • Tuition for staff professional development training and professional conferences with AZA
  • Frequent Flyer miles or travel funding for LCF Myakka City staff to work directly with our sister reserve in Tampolo

    General Supplies

  • general cleaning supplies (green products preferred!) - detergent, bleach, windex, soap, sponges, paper towels
  • postage stamps
  • towels
  • general office supplies - photocopy/printer paper, file folders, pens, highlighters, paperclips, post-its, legal pads,etc.

Myakka ReserveContribute to the Canopy

We are planting native Florida trees and shrubs in our forests for future generations of lemurs to enjoy. The new trees are carefully selected to suit the terrain and to make the lemurs happy. A healthy forest canopy is vital to the lemurs’ survival.   If you would like to be a part of our long-range forest management plan by contributing a tree, please contact us and we will provide you more information.  

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