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Alex Porpora

LCF distance education instructor observing the red ruffed lemurs in the forest at the Myakka City Lemur Reserve.


Distance Learning Classes are broadcast live from the Myakka City Lemur Reserve (MCLR) at the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City, FL! Students have the opportunity to see lemurs and speak with resarchers and animal husbandry staff.

These lessons provide a unique setting in which students can learn about biodiversity, adaptations, habitats, careers in science and more. Each lesson is 30 minutes to an hour-long. Lessons can be adapted to most grade-levels and core curriculum standards. Lesson plans are also available.

Sample module: "Adaptations" (Powerpoint)
Sample activity: "Lemur Puppets" templates and instructions (pdfs)

To book your class now, contact:

Education Office

Programs at LCF

The Lemur Conservation Foundation is committed to training future generations about the threats to endangered species and the importance of conservation.  As part of this commitment to education LCF offers programs such as the annual Teachers' Institute for Conservation Biology for high school teachers and year-round distance education courses designed for K-12 students called Lemur Tales: Lessons from the Forest.

Lemur Tales K-12 Program

ringtailed lemurThe Lemur Tales: Lessons from the Forest courses are a series of six 30-45 minute standalone sessions each focused on a different topic. Conducted with web conferencing software, the sessions are customized to the appropriate grade level. The LCF instructor and the class as a group meet online using webcams and sophisticated video conferencing technology that allows the instructor to talk directly with the students and present instructional materials such as videos, photographs, slide shows, documents, as well as an online "white board" to illustrate or describe their topic.

LCF's courses are part of the Montclair State University PRISM Program's "Rainforest Connection", which offers teachers across the nation an opportunity to tap into exceptional educational resources and experts in the field who can really bring a topic to life in the classroom.  To provide this service, Montclair State has teamed with Verizon's Access New Jersey initiative which supports educational projects in schools and libraries using Marratech web conferencing software.

Course Description:

Lemurs are a diverse group of primate species found in Madagascar. They live in many different ecological niches and have a variety of different adaptations. Learn about their endangered conservation status, their wonderful habitats, their behaviors and biology and the special people that study them.
Click here for descriptions of the six modules.

Cost and Scheduling:

$200 per session. Sessions scheduled by appointment.

Contact Information

To find out more about LCF's K-12 program or to schedule a class, please contact:

LCF Education Office

Patricia Walsh, Director of Research and Operations

To learn more about the technological requirements see:

Access New Jersey

For information on the PRISM program and the "Rainforest Connection" at Montclair State University:


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