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Field School Programs at LCF

LCF Fieldwork 2009"The Myakka City Lemur Reserve is an example of the finest in educational facilities. Anthropologists traditionally "go into the field" as part of our educational and career path...The MCLR is the only site in the U.S. that supports an affordable, genuine field experience for undergraduates." 

Dr. Linda Taylor, Professor of Physical Anthropology, University of Miami

Providing a natural forest environment for our lemur colony where students can learn field methods under the guidance of highly respected leaders in their field is a vital piece of the Lemur Conservation Foundation's educational and conservation mission.  The carefully maintained habitat composed of oak, pine and other flora native to southwest Florida provides a unique opportunity for participants to observe the animals in a free-ranging environment approximating their native habitat in Madagascar.

Primatology Field Methods

Undergraduate/Graduate.  Four credit quarter-system course open to anyone meeting prerequisites.  Taught by Dr. Natalie Vasey of Portland State University.

LCF Fieldwork 2009Any interested party meeting the prerequisite of having successfully completed a university-level biology course or a course in biological anthropology may apply to the Primatology Field Methods Program. The course may be taken for college credit either through the student's home institution or through Portland State University. Enrollment is limited to 10 students and includes an intensive week-long session in a natural habitat reserve, the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Myakka City Lemur Reserve in Florida. 

This course will introduce students to methods used for collecting behavioral and ecological data on free-ranging primates through a combination of lectures and field exercises.  These will include development of ethograms, sampling methods, recording rules, mapping sites and animal movements, and estimating resource availability.  By the end of this course students will be able to assess whether their interests lie in gaining further advanced training in primatology, such as graduate training or a field or lab assistantship with a senior scientist.

 For complete information on the course, dates, deadlines, application materials, click here.

University of Miami - Field Studies in Anthropology- Behavioral Ecology of Free Ranging Lemurs in South Florida

Undergraduate/Graduate. Three credit course offered to students enrolled at the University of Miami meeting prerequisites. Taught by Dr. Linda Taylor.
Dr. Linda Taylor and students
Endangered lemurs live in a naturalistic habitat in Manatee County, Florida. Here, they travel through the forest, choosing what to eat, where to travel, and with whom to associate - much as they would in Madagascar, their native habitat. During this course students will become part of the team of primatologists that study this population, in an on-going multidisciplinary research project.  Preparation of data for professional presentation and publication is stressed.

Click here for more information


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